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Friday, 1-Apr-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

not sure wat's that
cadbury ke tuh? ntah!
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Today pergi Cadbury World. Woke up early in the morning naik bas to Birmingham. It took like forever to reach Birm..huhuhu. Since me n nisa went there by ourselves, with no help from anybody maka sesat lah jawabnya. . Our ticket to enter the Cadbury World was at 11 am. but then biase lah, naik bas dah lah salah, patutlah boleh travel satu Birm siap masuk kampung orang lg . Rupa-rupanya bas yg lalu Cadbury World ade satu jer and the funny thing is the bus is not the same as the one stated on the website so, we all sampai Cadbury World kul 1++ kot. Nasib baik boleh masuk . Dptlah a few bar choc free and bought 11 pound of chocholate. Afterwards dah abis kat Cadbury World, we round2 Birmingham city. lepak2.. window shopping. and when it comes to going back to manchester, there was a bit of problem. well, first; we had trouble finding the station and end up at a very dark area under a bridge lepas tuh the bus was delayed.bukannya sekejap, almost one hour!! rupa2nya the driver lupa nak forward the clock one hour ke depan... BODOH gak ahhh!! I wondered why our day did not went very well. then i just realised it was 1st April. Is that why wujudnya April Fool?!!

Thursday, 31-Mar-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

london eye
x tau statue ape tuh
dont care!!
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The last day in London. me n nisa decided to go for sight seeing well actually city walk. from Big Ben to Tower bridge..jauh x? so, amik gambar here and there. Today is not as fun as the days before but it was ok. Terjumpa Nazi, my x-schoolmate on a bus. after berjalan2 melihat alam, ufah ajak pergi hall dia actually we tumpang bag kat bilik aiman kejap, tanx aiman n ufah. n everybody who cooked for us (aisha and alifah especially). At 8 pm we got on train going back to manchester. Tido tak hengat atas train

Wednesday, 30-Mar-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

with beautiful angelina jolie!!
oohh, she's not that tall!!
too bad,Aniston!LOL
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Second day kt London. We went to Mdm Tussaud, luckily we've already booked the tickets. There was a very long queue that day. There were so many people in that building. sesak nak mampos. I was a bit frustrated. nak amik gambar pun like kena cepat2.kalau tak nnti ade org menyemak plak. . It was fun though bukan org betol.tapi wat the hell, ok ape amik gambar dgn all those famous people punya patung. me n nisa switched camera and took pictures with almost every person we saw. after that, me n nisa went to Sherlock Holmes memorial on the Baker street. Then we headed to Buckingham Palace but u know wat we took the wrong tube and ended up to Zone 2 and it was like 10 juta kali we stopped at that damn stupid same station, ape nisa? tak ingat dah..at last ade this one guy (agaknya asyik tgk muka nih jer kat station tuh) showed us the way to the palace..pikir2 balik lawak gak!! . after amik gambar here and there, kitorg pun balik lah to msian hall. Lucky for us Siti Nurhaliza was doing her majlis bersama peminat that evening kat Msian Hall . but mase nak amik gambar tuh mahadzir lokman ckp kitorg gp nasyid from manchester. mcm tau2 jer from manc. tapi siapa suruh sumer org masuk sekali! no offend tau wani, aisha, alifah n nurul, but shouldnt we get individual pic with siti. 0) but it was a nice experience. bukan sng nak amik gambar ngn artis, siti plak tuh, Tapi that night sempat lg buat KMYS reunion, miss u guys a lot.

Tuesday, 29-Mar-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark

dekat entrance
theme of the day
not sure who's that on the horse
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Easter break has come!! This time me and nisa decided to go to London since neither of us are going to Europe which is actually nisa got to know the day after today..tomorrow, well we travel through time in this photopages. . As planned we woke up very early in the morning to catch the train at 7:15. Reached London before 9:35 with empty stomach (perut kosong) . I ate the sandwiches that we brought from Manc. Jimat duit lah kononnya. London was quite foggy that morning. So, we took tube to the British Museum. It took us like half an hour from the underground station while the sign board only said 9 minutes ..well we made a stupid circle before reached that damn museum. With i can say a quite heavy back but not as heavy as nisa's on my back, most of the section we covered while we were sitting on any bench we saw that was available. ddddddddaaaaaaaaaaahh, we weren't there to do some stupid thesis, right nisa?! ok! Next stop, Trafalgar Square, took a few pics, went to the National Gallery which we also covered everything while sitting,thank God, there were more benches in there an also comfy . Too bad we were not allowed to take pictures. Then, checked in Msia Hall. Solat and everything, next stop, Marble Arch then Harrods. That's all for today. went to bed very early .Penat doowwwhhhhhh!!!.

Wednesday, 22-Dec-2004 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Disney On Ice, Toy Story 2

on the way
dah abis
me n nisa
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At last, boleh jugak tgk disney on ice kalau kat msia dulu, jgn haraplah ...we planned (me n nisa) to watch the show for about a month but it turned out that the show was just for about two hours..huhuhuhu anyway, the show was so good,..it was bizarre for me ..well, ive never seen one before tapi the pictures i took was not good, all blur maybe because of the night mode.

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